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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Say Yes to a New Car Deal

You’re sitting at the dealership, staring at what seems to be the perfect car. You’ve been waiting for months to find just what you want, and now that it’s here, you’re getting cold feet. It sounds crazy, but this is a normal reaction for people who are on the cusp of making what could be one of the most important decisions of their lives! Before you sign everything away on your new vehicle purchase, take some time to ask yourself these questions:

1) Do your earn enough to afford a new car?

Start off by calculating your monthly expenses, and determine what you can afford. If the car payment is more than what you make in a month, it’s not feasible to purchase that vehicle. Or, even if you can afford it but are left with no money at the end of the month, then it’s still not a good deal. Besides your monthly car payment, you also have to consider your fuel payments, insurance payments, and what you’ll spend if there’s an emergency. Instead of rushing, slow down and take the time to think about what you’re getting yourself into.

2) How much can you conveniently spend per month?

After you calculate your monthly expenses and figure out how much you can conveniently pay each month, you can think about what type of car you want to buy. Before going down that road, ensure it fits within your monthly budget and what makes sense for your lifestyle.

3) Will your new car easily fit in your garage?

This is a serious question. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it's too late to do anything about it. This is why you need to check what kind of car you can get into your garage. If you are buying an SUV, take its measurements and see if your garage is large enough to accommodate it. You don't want to get stuck in your driveway because your new car is too big for your garage entrance.

4) Do you think your family will grow soon?

This is another very important question to ask! If you think there's even the smallest chance that your family will grow and what you buy now won't accommodate everyone, then it means that the car you're buying is not for you. For example, if you’re expecting a baby in your family soon, a sports car may not be the best choice because what you buy now will not accommodate your family in a few months. Lifting your child from the backseat of a sports car might not be the most convenient option.

The decision to purchase a new car is an important one. There are so many factors that need consideration, and the purchase should not be taken lightly. This blog post has discussed some of these considerations, but it doesn’t cover them all. At Sutherlin Nissan of Vero Beach, we want to make sure you’re overjoyed with your new vehicle, so let us know if you have any questions or concerns about buying a new car! We serve the residents of Lakewood Park, FL, and would love to serve you as well! Please check out our inventory of new cars here.